5G Property Consulting

Facility Management (FM) Services Include;

Audits to review current status including;

  • Survey building, labour and equipment efficiency,
  • Perform audits and due diligence on building support equipment,
  • Perform audits and due diligence on Soft Service / Support Service,
  • Perform audits on space management,
  • Handover process management between construction team and client

Technical advice on non core business;

  • Assist Client in consolidating , Managing  Effectively and Efficiently,
  • Technical Service -  Generators, HVAC, UPS, Electrical Systems, Building Fabric Maintenance, Lifts, Fire Systems, Utilities


  • Assist client whether to outsource or improve in-house Facilities Management,
  • Assist to prepare contract / tender documents , value adding SLA's when outsourcing to property / facilities management service providers,
  • Assist in improving in-house property / facilities management and value adding service level.

 Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) cover;

Legal Compliance to;

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 93,
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130 of 1993,
  • National Environmental Management Act 62 of 2008,
  • Tobacco Products Control Amendment Act 63 of 2008,
  • Municipality By-Laws (Emergency/ Fire).       


  • Assist client to develop and implement  comply EHS systems,
  • Develop procedures to support the systems,
  • Develop templates for legal appointments and critical processes.

Provide EHS support;

  • Conduct EHS audits on systems,
  • Provide internal EHS awareness,
  • Manage liability with contractors,
  • Conduct baseline Risk Assessment,
  • Advise on legislation based on client risk profile. 

Project Management (PM) Services cover;

Construction & Property Development Sector; 

  • Residential sector,
  • Office Buildings,
  • Building designs

Existing Office Building;

  • Existing buildings refurbishment,
  • Office changes and moves,
  • Space management.

Technology Infrastructure;

  • Security System - CCTV, Alarms System, Fire Panels,
  • Telecommunication - Integrated Communication Systems 

Ultimately the value derived by our clients is;

  • Compliance to legal requirements and subsequent increase in productivity due to a conducive work environment,
  • One service provider to perform non-core business support services thus leaving the client to focus on core business,
  • Use of the latest trends and technology applied in the property /facilities management industry,
  • Reduction in costs through different cost effective techniques and achieve value added model realization,
  • Avoidance of productivity loss due to incidents and prohibition notices from regulators,
  • Seamless integration of health and safety to all aspects of the clients activities,
  • Elimination of unnecessary expenditure remediating incident impacts,
  • Savings on insurance costs and optimisation of assets
  • Balance between scope and budget.